About Me

I am just a very private person sharing my music. I hope that you take the time to really listen from start to finish otherwise it is like glancing at someone instead of actually making eye contact and really taking the opportunity to get to know them. The average attention span right now is about 5 seconds. This is maybe two or three measures of music. Guessing. But you get my point. I know the tendency is to use this kind of page for a resume of past accomplishments and yet it really has nothing to do with what I am sharing now. My music. I will express here my profound gratitude to the musicians and singers who are all a huge important part of the album. It might be fun to release the genesis of each song before the finished recording to convey how important the musicians and singers really are. Imagine me very quietly singing/humming the songs into my phone as inspiration occurs. This is meant in no way to diminish the importance of the basic melody, but that is my genesis because usually the chords are still in my head until I can get to a keyboard. Most of my writing inspiration occurs in places other than at the keyboard. Driving, walking, doing the dishes, re-potting a plant, shopping at the supermarket. Living my Ordinary Life….just doing simple everyday things. That is just how it works in me.